8 Health Benefits Of Raw Almonds

Get Nutty: All About Almonds

We’re pretty much in love with almonds, nature’s nutritional powerhouse. Prepare to fall in love with this delicious and versatile nut, too.


Snack on this: consuming almonds daily can help curb your appetite leading to regulated blood sugar levels. In addition, this mouthwatering nut can decrease your risk for diabetes by improving your bod’s level of oxidative stress and inflammation. But that’s not all! Below, we’ve compiled eight more health benefits of including raw, organic almonds in your daily diet. Check it out!

1.Strengthen Heart

Almonds help to maintain an ideal blood pressure. According to the  Loma Linda School of Public Health those who consumed nuts five times a week have about a 50% reduction of heart attack risks.

2.Protect Artery Walls from Damage

According to research at Tufts University, the flavonoids in almond skin work in synergy with vitamin E, reducing risk of heart disease.

3.Improve Eyesight

Almonds are excellent sources of vitamin E and minerals such as zinc that help keep your eyes healthy and may decrease your risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

4.Lower “Bad” Cholesterol

According to a clinical study at the Health Research and Studies Center, almonds have a favorable effect on blood cholesterol levels. In fact, people who eat almonds are 44% less likely to have elevated LDL compared to those who don’t nosh on almonds.

5.Build Strong Bones and Teeth

Almonds contain phosphorus strengthening bones and teeth.

6.Healthy Fat=Healthy Weight

Though once considered a “faux-paus” because they are high in fat, frequent nut eaters are slimmer than those who don’t. This might be the most startling fact on this list! But the research shows that people who snack on modest amounts of nuts do indeed help maintain a healthy weight.

7.Get Satiated

Because they are high in protein, fiber and unsaturated fats, even a small amount of nuts can make you feel satisfied – also known as satiety. Plus,  almonds are one of the few proteins that are alkaline forming.

8.Choose Organic

When it comes to almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts, always choose organic. Because of nut’s high fat and oil content, they can be like little sponges for the chemicals used in conventional growing practices. Although the nutmeat or seed is protected by a shell or fruit, unfortunately these dangerous chemicals are able to permeate the shells and eventually end up in our bodies unless they are raised organically.

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