What to Expect When You Cleanse Part 1

What to Expect When You Cleanse Part 1

 So, you’re thinking about starting a Cleanse? We know you might have a few questions, but we promise this experience will leave you feeling energized and balanced. Read on to find out what to expect when you cleanse.

Why Cleanse?

One of the most important reasons we recommend  cleansing is to give your digestive system a much needed break from the hefty task of digestion. Most meals we eat take up to 10 hours to fully digest. Raw, fresh pressed juices on the other hand, will absorb into your bloodstream within 15 minutes with little or no effort on the body’s digestive system! This means that all of the live enzymes and nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are immediately released into your bloodstream.

In addition, if you really take a moment to think about the foods you regularly consume, the environment where you live and work (including the air you breathe), it can be a little daunting to our bodies. While our bodies are resilient, toxicity does manifest showing up in a wide array of health conditions including weight gain, fatigue, aches, allergies and even chronic diseases.

When to Cleanse?

Cleansing seasonally has many benefits. In addition, cleansing after times of excess such as a night of drinking, holiday weight gain or even when you wish to pave the way towards cleaner eating and start off on the right foot. Think of your cleanse with us as the finest tune-up you can get.

Reverse Physical Imbalances

Cleansing, if done properly, can help reverse physical imbalances and excess weight caused by the accumulation of toxic waste that your body simply cannot metabolize. With these highly alkalizing juices you are “cleaning” your cells…and a body that has clean cells and flowing pathways is the very essence of being ALIVE!

Slow Down

The next three days will be a little vacation for your body to heal itself and regain balance. Be mindful of when you get hungry and work through these feelings. Slow down, look around, be in the moment and practice gratitude. Take a moment to honor your living body and nurture it with “ living” food.

And Be Proud

It is an accomplishment in itself to choose cleansing as part of your lifestyle. Be proud that you’re doing this amazing thing for your body! And know that while it is good to seek encouragement, it may be best to wait until after your cleanse is complete to talk about your experience. This is because many people are not as informed about cleansing and could derail your positive efforts.

Find out more about cleansing  benefits and the ins and outs of juicing with Lizzy Jays Juice, as well as what to expect before, during and after you cleanse in our upcoming blog post, Part 2.

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