What to Expect When You Cleanse Part 2

What to Expect When You Cleanse Part 2

So, you’ve made the decision to do cleanse? We know you still might have a few more questions after reading “ What to Expect When You Cleanse Part 1,” but we promise this experience will leave you feeling energized and balanced. Read on to find out more about what to expect before, during and after you cleanse.


To make your cleanse a more positive experience, lay the ground work two to three days before you begin. Eat clean by filling your plate with mostly fruits, vegetables and lean proteins and increasing your water intake (now is NOT the time to binge). Changing your diet several days in advance will enhance the benefits and end-results you see from your cleanse. Also, write down your goals before you start. Whether your intention is to weight loss or better health, visualize it and write it down. Post this list and read it every day during your cleanse for motivation and positive energy.

Juice Cleanse with Lizzy Jays

What to Expect During Your Cleanse

During your cleanse, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. This is perfectly normal (and a sign that the cleanse is in fact, working!). Stick with it and soon, you’ll discover the amazing feeling of lightness, empowerment and control…not deprivation. Remember to be patient with your body: keep exercise light and enjoyable and stay hydrated by consuming plenty of water throughout the day. Use this cleanse as an opportunity to get on a path toward better health and recognize how much better you feel when you eat this way.

Cleansing also promotes a healthy pH balance in the body. Since disease thrives in an acidic environment, it’s great for your health and immunity to absorb the nutrients from alkalizing dark leafy greens. A cleanse doesn’t have to be all juice all the time, you can also include these alkalizing cleanse-friendly foods – also known as quick exit foods:

  • Vegetables – lightly steamed or raw
  • Fruit
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Lemon
  • Organic, herbal tea
  • Stay away from coffee, vinegar, alcohol, bacon, red meat, chicken, dairy, sugar and salt.

Post Cleanse

As you ease your way out of your cleanse, you will want to hold on to this new life force energy! Continue to start each morning with a fresh pressed juice is possible and gently wake up your digestive system by sticking to fruits, vegetables and fish. Exit your cleanse mindfully and gracefully as you continue to take control over your health.

More Cleansing Benefits

Find out more about cleansing  benefits, the “ins and outs” of juicing with Lizzy Jays Juice, as well as why YOU should do a cleanse in Part 1 of our blog, “What to Expect When You Cleanse.”

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