​4 Fresh Benefits of Mint

4 Fresh Benefits of Mint

4 Fresh Benefits of Mint4 Fresh Benefits of Mint

This easy-to-grow herb not only has such a pleasing fragrance, but it has so many uses and health benefits, too! Mint can help ease a tummy ache, keep the bugs away and even help you stay trim. While it’s available year-round, mint is especially bursting in flavor in the warmer weather, ready to add a refreshing touch to your next beverage or salad.

Varieties of Mint

While there are about 25 different species of mints, peppermint is actually a natural hybrid cross between water mint (menthe aquatic) and spearmint (menthe spicata). With greenish-purple lance-shaped leaves, peppermint leaves have a little stronger flavor than spearmint leaves, which are rounder and more of a grayish-green color. Other varieties include apple mint, orange mint, curly mint and Corsican mint.

All mints contain the volatile oil menthol, which gives it that characteristic cooling, cleansing feeling. Delivering a rich source of traditional nutrients like manganese, copper and vitamin C, mint is simply bursting with benefits.

Health Benefits of Mint

1.  Rich in nectar and pollen. Mint will keep your garden abuzz with helpful insects (like honeybees and hoverflies) seeking sweet treats. But mint also acts as a natural bug repellent. While it attracts the “good bugs,” mint also repels the “bad bugs”, including fleas on your pet.

Give it a try: plant pennyroyal mint right outside your door to repel ants and flies. 

Give it a try: Bundle 2 parts fresh spearmint with 1 part fresh thyme and 1 part fresh wormwood – tuck it in a small pillow and place it by fido’s bed.

Did You Know: Mint doesn’t reproduce from a seed, you’ll need to purchase a starter plant at your local nursery or get a cutting from a friend to grow your own. It thrives in moist environments and be sure to give this plant plenty of room to grow (or plant it in a container) because sometimes it can sometimes take over the garden.

2.  Ease an upset stomach with peppermint tea. Peppermint helps to calm the digestive tract and alleviate indigestion, intestinal gas and abdominal cramping. The healing properties of peppermint are related to its smooth muscle relaxing ability. Once muscles surrounding the intestine are relaxed, chances of spasms and indigestion are decreased. Animal-based studies have even shown that monoterpene (a phytonutrient plentiful in peppermint oil) protects against cancers in the colon, skin and lungs.

Give it a try: Add mint as a palate cleanser or drink a cup of mint tea to give you some relief.

3.  Freshen up the air and your palate. Place a bouquet of fresh mint leaves in your kitchen to add a natural aroma and keep the sprigs handy for teas and cooking.

Give it a try: Chop up mint and add to your favorite veggie medley for a tasty twist. They’re also refreshing in iced beverages.

Give it a try: Add some mint to a pitcher of water with a few wedges of lemon and let it sit for 30 minutes for a revitalizing summertime drink.

Peppermint also contains a substance called rosmarinic acid, which has been shown to block the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals and encourage open airways -beneficial for people who suffer with asthma.

4.  Fight fatigue and ward off depression with mint’s natural stimulant properties. The smell of mint can be enough to boost your mood and energy, but it can also be ingested or inhaled as a vapor for a vibrant lifestyle. Studies have also shown that mint can help you in your efforts to lose weight by stimulating your digestive enzymes.

Give it a try: Put a few drops of essential mint oil on your pillow at night to help you while you sleep.

The Best Way to Enjoy Fresh Mint

Mint leaves should look vibrant, rich in color and free from dark spots or yellowing. It’s best to choose fresh mint over the dried form to maximize flavor and nutrients; and always choose organic. Store fresh mint leaves in the refrigerator; wrap them in a damp paper towel inside of a loosely closed plastic bag and they will stay fresh for several days.

Lizzy Jays Fruit Juices with Mint

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