​LizzyJays Announces the Launch of “Juice for Kids” 4-Pack

Juice for Kids – Natural Hydration for Kids

Juice for Kids - Natural Hydration for Kids

We are excited to announce our new four-pack of fresh pressed fruit juices for kids. The new Juice for Kids includes (2)  Pineapple Pleaser & (2) Watermelon Cooler, is specifically designed just for kids! Give your kids a nutritious addition in their lunch box, a refreshing choice for after school activities, and an energizing alternative to keep them going strong in any sport. (Say goodbye to processed-sugary drinks!)

Ditch the ‘ade- Prevent Childhood Obesity & Disease

We eat more refined sugar today than our parents and grandparents did three decades ago, which has resulted in increasing obesity rates among adults and children. Obesity has been associated with certain  cancers, including breast, prostate, uterine, colorectal and pancreatic. Amidst this national obesity epidemic, so many sports drinks still contain enormous amounts of sugar, adding empty calories to our youths’ diets. On the flip side, fruits and vegetables, loaded with vitamins and high in antioxidants, may reduce your cancer risk and suppresses your appetite to prevent obesity.

Unfortunately, children’s and adolescents’ consumption of unhealthy sports drinks is still on the rise. It’s no surprise that these beverage companies are targeting kids with seductive marketing and at the same time, telling parents that they claim to be a healthier alternative to soda. According to a report by the  Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, beverage companies spent $866 million to advertise unhealthy drinks in 2013…directly to our kids. They have also rapidly expanded marketing in social and mobile media that are popular with young people, but much more difficult for parents to monitor. What teen doesn’t want to believe that consuming a bottle of neon-hued liquid will make them run a little faster or give them perfectly defined abs?

So, what’s a parent to do?

A parent’s best defense is to educate their children. Help them understand that these drinks are basically candy-colored sugar water.  The American Heart Associationrecommends no more than 6 teaspoon of added sugar daily (25 grams); yet the most-popular selling sports drink on the market offers 21 grams of sugar per 12-ounce serving; that’s 5 ¼ teaspoons of sugar in one bottle. This is a drastic contrast to the 22 teaspoons consumed on average today.

How much sugar is in your drink?

So, help them make educated choices on their own. Have you seen these visuals before? They’re eye-opening!

It’s important to note that the  World Health Organization guideline does not refer to the natural sugars found in fresh fruits because natural and refined sugars are two incredibly different types of sugar.

Natural vs. Refined Sugars- What’s the Difference?

Many parents wonder what the difference is between added sugars in (nutritionally void) processed foods and drinks between natural sugars occurring in fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juices (that are also loaded with water, fiber and other vibrant micronutrients). It’s a common question and one that’s important to understand.

Sugar, in all forms, is a simple carbohydrate that the body converts into glucose and uses for energy. But its effect on our body and overall health depends on the type of sugar you’re eating, either natural or refined. Research is finally starting to learn that Mother Nature has put more thought and chemistry into her fruits than just sweetness. Fruits contain fructose but also water, fiber and other beneficial nutrients making them an optimal choice to include in a balanced, healthy lifestyle. In addition, many fruits contain phenols, a form of antioxidants that offer protection from heart disease, cancer and other damaging effects of free radicals in the body.

On the other hand, refined sugars, including table sugar and high fructose corn syrup, contribute to weak bones, obesity, fatigue, lack of concentration and tooth decay. Added sugar lacks the multiple health promoting qualities of fruits provided by phenols, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Read more about breaking the sugar habit on our blog.

Sip Smarter- Choose a (much) Healthier Alternative to Sports Drinks

With LizzyJays, parents can be confident that they are choosing the freshest, nutrient-rich, organic juice for their kids (without all the added sugars and colors).

Watermelon Cooler

Researchers found that people who consume watermelon juice before exercising felt less sore the next day than those who drank a pink placebo beverage. Not only that, watermelon offers innumerous health benefits. LizzyJays Juice for Kids pack contains two fresh-pressed, organic Watermelon Cooler juices which contain beta-carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C, B6, iron and potassium…all important for strong muscles.

Pineapple Pleaser

Pineapple juice contains thiamine and B6. Thiamine belongs to the vitamin B group which helps convert carbohydrates into energy and boosts the immune system too. Vitamin B6 also helps to stabilize blood sugar. LizzyJays Juice for Kids pack contains two fresh-pressed, organic  Pineapple Pleaser juices which are loaded with bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme to give relief from muscle pain and aid with digestion.

Water with lemon is also a healthy alternative to sports drink. The potassium from lemons help to nourish brain and nerve cells. Lemon juice also helps to replenish body salts (especially helpful after a strenuous workout).

You have a choice. Offer your kids a healthier alternative to the technicolor sports drinks and load them up with the vibrant benefits from fresh-pressed, organic juice.

LizzyJays Fresh Cold-Pressed Goodness

All of Lizzy Jays juices are cold-pressurized (meaning heat is never used) in our custom, in-house slow hydraulic press to give you maximum raw, liquid nutrition. Once it’s bottled up, LizzyJays juice goes through a cold, water-pressure method called  High Pressure Processing (HPP). HPP uses extremely high water pressure (pressure roughly enough to equal the water pressure at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean) to kill the most dangerous foodborne bacteria that can cause illnesses. But because HPP does not use high temperatures, the taste, color, texture and nutritional values of the juice is preserved. This processes ensures that our juices are safe for kids to drink (pathogens are removed) without losing any vitamins, minerals or live enzymes.

Give us a shout with any questions at (973) 532-2707 and  order your fresh juice today.

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