LizzyJays Announces the Launch of “Juice for Beauty” 6-Pack

Juice for Beauty – The Ultimate Beauty Elixirs

We are thrilled to announce our new six-pack of fresh pressed juices for beauty. Juice for Beauty includes (2)  Watermelon Cooler, (2) Smooth Almond and (2) Carrot Twist. This kit is specifically designed to get you glowing from the inside out for beautiful hair, skin and nails! Juice for Beauty is The Ultimate Beauty Elixir. Say hello to gorgeous, radiant skin!

Natural Hydration for a Gorgeous Body

Juice For BeautyWhen you rid the body of impurities with raw, fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juice and nut milk you’ll even notice less bloat and a leaner body. The nutrients from these superfoods go directly into your blood stream flooding your cells within 15 minutes to help you regain an alkaline balance while at the same time, normalizing metabolism and digestion (especially your intestines, liver and kidneys). Many believe that health starts in the colon, so by offering your digestive system a break, your body gets a chance to revive with each juice you drink. Every day you have the chance to reset your mind and your body just by choosing nutrition over convenience.

Juice for Beauty Highlights

Watermelon Cooler

Enjoy an invigorating LizzyJays  Watermelon Cooler juice made with love, refreshing organic watermelon, apple and mint. This juice is lycopene-rich to help protect your heart, skin and body from cancer. It is supportive in lowering inflammation in your body and can even calm blemishes.

Watermelon Cooler also contains citrulline that converts into arginine, an essential amino acid for improving blood flow and relaxing blood vessels (decreases red blotches) and is a natural stress reducer! The vitamin A in watermelon is required for sebum production, a nutrient that keeps hair moisturized. It is also rich in vitamin C for building and maintaining collagen that provides structure to skin and hair.

Grab one in the morning to start your day off hydrated (watermelon is 90% water by the way) or after a hot yoga class as the perfect workout recovery drink.

Smooth Almond

Smooth Almond Nut MilkTreat your skin to a delectable LizzyJays  Smooth Almond nut milk made with raw, organic almonds, vanilla, agave, sea salt and just a touch of cinnamon. Get your balanced dose of healthy unsaturated fat, protein and antioxidants in one bottle.

Did you know that the oil from almonds is one of the most commonly used natural oils in the cosmetics world because it is sustainable? It comes from nuts and the tree is not damaged to obtain it. Every nut contains a combination of two essential fatty acids which lead to healthy, supple skin. It’s also rich in vitamin D to help improve cell function and immunity.

Use this for your morning cereal, coffee or as a daily dose of an easily digestible protein!

Carrot Twist

Did you know that many foods actually give your body the ability to heal? Drinking pure nutrition through cold-pressed juices is one amazing way to do just that. Rejuvenate with LizzyJays  Carrot Twist vegetable and fruit juice with organic carrot, apple and ginger. Carrot Twist is LizzyJays famous “Ultimate Beauty Elixir” for glowing skin!

Every day we’re exposed to harmful UV light and environmental pollutants that can damage skin and break down collagen (leading to wrinkles and signs of aging). One of the number one ways to fight against those free radicals is to flood your body with antioxidants from carrot juice. Carrot Twist is loaded with vitamin K, which is essential for the protein building process in the body, and vitamin A which is essential for healthy skin and healing wounds.

LizzyJays Fresh Cold-Pressed Goodness

Jam packed with the freshest produce, Juice for Beauty is loaded with living enzymes to leave you feeling brighter, lighter and gorgeous.

All of Lizzy Jays juices are cold-pressurized (meaning heat is never used) to give you maximum raw, liquid nutrition. Once it’s bottled up, LizzyJays juice goes through a cold, water-pressure method called  High Pressure Processing (HPP). HPP uses extremely high water pressure (pressure roughly enough to equal the water pressure at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean) to kill the most dangerous foodborne bacteria that can cause illnesses. But because HPP does not use high temperatures, the taste, color, texture and nutritional values of the juice is preserved. This processes ensures that our juices are safe for you and your kids to drink (pathogens are removed) without losing any vitamins, minerals or live enzymes.

Give us a shout with any questions at (973) 532-2707 and  order your fresh juice today.

Thinking about doing a cleanse?

Check out our blog, “ What to Expect When You Cleanse” and “Benefits of Juicing” to answer all your questions.

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