Why are Enzymes so Important?

What are Enzymes?

Every cell depends on enzymesEnzymes, by definition, are catalysts that enable molecules to be changed from one form into another. They help our bodies stay healthy, lower cholesterol, clean the colon, break down fats, keep the immune system strong, detoxify the body of unwanted wastes, eliminate carbon dioxide from the lungs, build muscles and so much more. Vitamins, minerals, hormones and all the food we eat cannot function without enzymes. Enzymes are classified into three main groups – metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes and food enzymes.

Metabolic Enzymes

Metabolic enzymes exist throughout our entire body system—in our organs, bones, blood and cells to grow new cells and maintain every tissue in our body. They are crucial to health and essential to life enabling us to see, hear, breath, move, think and feel.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes allow food to be broken down into usable nutrients in our bodies to produce energy. They help repair and maintain our physical structure and function. The human body produces about 22 known digestive enzymes which are primarily produced in the pancreas and small intestine (also made in the salivary glands and stomach).

Plant Enzymes

Food enzymes naturally exist in raw foods. Their function (very much like the digestive enzymes) is to assist in digestion of food. When we consume foods that are rich in enzymes, the foods will be “self-digested” causing little or no stress to our body.

It is important to note though, that even though  raw fruits and vegetables contain an enormous amount of enzymes; if pasteurization or high heat is applied (all cooked foods, excluding lightly steamed vegetables), the enzymes are destroyed which means that our deprived bodies will be forced to generate its own enzymes to digest the food. The more we have to depend on internally produced enzymes, the more stress our body’s systems and organs have to go through. This affects our immune system and takes away from other critical functions such as rebuilding damaged cells and fighting off diseases.

Whole Fruit & Vegetables or Juice

Did you know that 95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies require are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables? That means we would need to eat up to 7 pounds of produce (that’s a lot of kale leaves) to get the same amount of nutrients you can quickly receive in one 16 oz juice. The fastest way to replenish your body with enzymes is by drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Freshly cold-pressed, raw, organic vegetable and fruit juices quickly infuse our body with nutrients. Juicing separates the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and naturally energizing sugars, from the fiber. With the fiber separated, the body does not need to “stop” to digest the juice (or slow you down, as you go about your daily activities) and instead the nutrients are flooded into the body’s tissues, where it can then absorbed into the bloodstream.

Preserving Enzymes through High-Pressure Processing (HPP)

All of LizzyJays juice goes through a cold, water-pressure method called  High Pressure Processing (HPP) once it’s bottled up. HPP uses extremely high water pressure (pressure roughly enough to equal the water pressure at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean) to kill the most dangerous foodborne bacteria that can cause illnesses. But because HPP does not use high temperatures, the taste, color, texture and nutritional values of the juice is preserved. This processes ensures that all of our juices are safe to drink (pathogens are removed) without losing any vitamins, minerals or live enzymes.

Enzymes are an Important Life Force

Enzymes are the foundation of energy and the life force in all living things responsible for digesting and absorbing foods as well as building, detoxifying and healing the body.

Every cell depends on enzymes. Without enzymes, fruit wouldn’t ripen, seeds wouldn’t sprout, leaves wouldn’t change… without enzymes, life simply would not exist.

At  LizzyJays, we believe there are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey, as long as you have a healthy vehicle that functions at its optimal level. Are you meeting all of your nutritional needs? Give us a shout with any questions at (973) 532-2707 and order your fresh juice today.

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