9 Natural Cold and Flu Defenses

Help to Prevent the Cold and Flu 

Prevention is the first step toward staying healthy and luckily there are plenty of natural cold and flu remedies you can implement now to help prevent sickness from striking. Grab a cold-pressed juice, get the right amount of Zzz’s, keep your hands clean and more. Read on to unlock you body’s natural defense system.

Understanding the Common Cold and Flu

First let’s dive into an overview of the differences between the cold and flu viruses. The common cold (viral infection of nose, sinus, and throat) is indeed the most common illness in humans. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), it’s also one of the most common causes of work and school absenteeism. Many different viruses can cause colds, the most common being the rhinovirus. Influenza (flu) is an infection of the lungs and airways and produces symptoms that are more severe than the common cold.

1. Juicing for the Common Cold

Conquer cold and flu season with freshly cold-pressed juice from LizzyJays. When you arm yourself with this natural “weapon,” your body will become more alkaline; it’s a great way to get the nutrients you need without using energy on other things like digesting. And when you maintain your body pH at an alkaline level you’ll help viruses stay dormant in the body (acidic levels, on the other hand, set the perfect environment for viruses to multiply). One 16-ounce bottle of LizzyJays Juice is filled with nutrients to defend any ailment and they’ll  arrive conveniently (and cold) right to your doorstep! Below are more natural ways to fend off the cold and flu.

Unlock you Body’s Natural Defense System

9 Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

2.Drink Lemon Water

Lemons are packed with Vitamin C, help to cure throat infections and balance your pH by decreasing the acidity in your body.  Lemon water also helps to flush out toxins, aid in digestion, nourish your body and boost energy levels.


Studies show that the more you sleep, the less you’ll sneeze (well, 7-8 hours that is). Sleep regulates the release of the hormone cortisol which stimulates the cells that boost your immune system.  The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get at least 7 hours of sleep a night (kids and teens need more).

4.Control Stress

Studies show that people who experience emotional stress have weakened immune systems and are more likely to catch a cold than their calmer counterparts. Add meditation into your daily routine to keep stress under control.


Thirty to ninety minute of moderate exercise on most days of the week can increase immune function. Whether it’s a bike ride, jogging, yoga or CrossFit, the key is to do something that makes you happy!

6.Epsom Salt Bath

A steamy bath can help to keep nasal passages clear and when you add the  Epsom salt, you’ll also help your body eliminate harmful toxins.

7.Hand Washing

Wash your hands after spending time in any public place and before eating or touching your face to avoid the spread of germs. And we’re talking about more than just a quick splash of water. Get them wet, add soap and rub for 20 seconds. Remember to use a paper towel to open the door if you’re in a public place.

8.Clean Surfaces

We’ve heard it before and it can’t be stressed enough. Keep household surfaces clean. Disinfect door knobs, drawer handles, keyboards, light switches, cell phones, remotes, toys, countertops, sinks, etc. They can all harbor viruses for hours long after an infected person was in contact with them. Use toxin-free cleaners or make your own with vinegar, water and citrus peel to improve the scent.


In addition to drinking freshly cold-pressed juice, keep your line of defense strong with a balanced diet filled with nutrient dense  superfoods. These foods fight off free radicals (unstable molecules that can cause damage to your body at the cellular level). Mother Nature has given us what we need to fight off disease; it’s up to us to unlock their powers when we eat living food from the earth!

Fresh Cold-Pressed Juice

Every single one of our cells wants to be fed “life force” food– food which is actually energized and grown by the soil, sun and earth. So, even if you start by just adding one “living” food to each meal, you’re heading in the right direction.  Select from our full line of fresh pressed juices to create your own daily “living” menu.

Thinking about doing a cleanse?

Check out our blog, “ What to Expect When You Cleanse” and “Benefits of Juicing” to answer all your questions.

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