Juicing for Health: Which Cleanse Package is Right for You?

Ready to hit the reset button and eliminate the toxins that may be weighing you down? You may be wondering where to begin. Lizzy Jays offers three different cleansing levels available in one, two or three-day packages. Each cleanse contains six juices that are designed to eliminate toxins, boost energy and balance pH levels. If done properly, cleansing and juicing for health can help reverse physical imbalances and open up vital pathways to restoring our natural alkaline balance.

Juicing for Health Overview

The benefits of cleansing with cold pressed juice are numerous; each juice is packed with vitamins and antioxidants providing its own unique qualities. Put them together to create a cleanse and the result can be life-changing.

For those who are newer to juicing, we encourage them to start with our introductory Novice cleanse which will simply make juicing for health a positive experience. If you are seeking a slightly deeper level, try our alkalizing Apprentice cleanse which includes even more nutrient dense vegetable juices for the intermediate juicer. The most alkalizing is our Enlightened cleanse which is designed to attack yeast and cravings for sugar for the experienced cleanser.

Each cleanse package contains Smooth Almond, a nut milk which provides essential protein and fats as well as Spicy Lemonade – a perfect replacement for coffee that will rev up your metabolism and neutralize the body’s pH. The other four juices include fruit, vegetable and green juices.

Novice Cleanse

Jumpstart the healing process with a LizzyJays Juice Novice cleanse which includes a variety of fruit and vegetable juices. This cleanse is perfect for athletes, individuals in training, or individuals who need a little more balance and variety throughout their day!

Non-GMO Juices Include:

• Crisp Greens

• Veggie Mix

• Carrot Twist

• Watermelon Cooler

• Spicy Lemonade

• Smooth Almond

Apprentice Cleanse

The Apprentice cleanse is for the more experienced cleanser and for those who seek a deeper experience. These deeply detoxifying juices are designed to create a stronger alkalizing balance in the body and remove yeast to restore and re-energize the body.

Non-GMO Juices Include:

• (2) Crisp Greens

• (2) Veggie Mix

• Spicy Lemonade

• Smooth Almond

Enlightened Cleanse

Our most healing cleanse, the Enlightened, is designed for the dedicated and experienced green juicers. Enlightened is ideal for those who are looking for a deep, detoxifying result. This positive, powerful cleanse helps eliminate sugar while feeding your body live, raw nutrients.

Non-GMO Juices Include:

• Crisp Greens

• Veggie Mix

• Spicy Lemonade

• Smooth Almond

• (2) Pure Greens

LizzyJays Convenient Monthly Cleanse Subscription Membership

Energize and nourish your body each week with a one-day mini cleanse. Sign up for our convenient juice subscription membership and receive a Novice, Apprentice, or Enlightened cleanse every Friday. After your juice cleanse, make juicing for health a part of your daily routine to maximize health, energy, productivity and longevity. We are flexible and can customize your juicing experience and subscription packages, so if you need to change options, just ask! Please email us at info@lizzyjaysjuice.com for more information.

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