​The Beaming Bride: Your Ultimate Juice Diet Plan before the Big Day

No doubt a bride wants to look her best on the big day! From cleaning out the kitchen cabinets months in advance to starting a regular juice diet plan; anytime you replace unhealthy, calorie-laden foods with healthy, nutrient dense juice, good things happen. Although our green juices and cleansing programs were not created for weight loss, a leaner body, less bloat and radiant skin are some amazing side effects – especially for the beautiful bride-to-be!

Below, we’ve put together four juice diet plan tips that will boost energy, reduce food cravings, speed up weight loss and give the bride glowing, radiant skin for her big day!

Wedding Day Detox

1.Eliminate the Junk

A few months before the wedding day, consider doing an elimination diet by cutting out all  refined sugars, dairy, caffeine, alcohol and gluten. It’s all about choice. Think of it as empowerment as you start this new chapter in your life rather than deprivation. Reset your mind and refresh your kitchen cabinets…and your energy will soar, your skin will glow and your clothes will be fitting looser!

2.Eat Whole Foods

Get as close to nature as possible and eat “ quick exit” foods that don’t require a nutrition label (mostly found in your produce section). Start with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, like avocados and lean meats. Nutritionally-dense foods like these will give you the energy you need to plow through your bridal bootcamp workouts, help you get the restful sleep you need and even aid in weight loss.

3.Start Your Day Off Right

When you rid the body of impurities and replace them with raw, fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juice and nut milk, you’ll notice less bloat and a leaner body. The nutrients from a regular juice diet plan go directly into your blood stream flooding your cells within 15 minutes to help you regain an alkaline pH balance and normalize your metabolism.

Every morning on an empty stomach, begin with a  cold-pressed green juice for a boost of natural energy and a bottle full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Green juice is the perfect choice to keep your body nourished and boost your energy throughout the day.

Also, try our new  Juice for Beauty 6-Pack. This kit is specifically designed to get you glowing from the inside out for beautiful hair, skin and nails! Juice for Beauty is The Ultimate Beauty Elixir. Say hello to gorgeous, radiant skin!


One of the most important reasons we recommend  cleansing is to give your digestive system a much needed break from the hefty task of digestion and promote a healthy pH balance. Cleansing, if done properly, can help reverse physical imbalances and excess weight caused by the accumulation of toxic waste that your body simply cannot metabolize. With these highly alkalizing juices you are “cleaning” your cells…and a body that has clean cells and flowing pathways is the very essence of being ALIVE!

LizzyJays Juice cleanses (Novice, Apprentice, Enlightened) are available for 1, 2 or 3-days. It’s important to prepare your body for a juice cleanse before you begin; when done properly, cleansing can help reverse physical imbalances and excessive weight caused by accumulation of toxic materials that our bodies simply cannot metabolize.

Get ready to open up the vital pathways to  restore, renew and refresh that natural balance to promote vibrant health and well-being. Think of your cleanse with us as the finest tune-up you can get.

LizzyJays Juice Diet Plan

Instead of looking for instant weight-loss gratification, look at your juice diet plan from a health perspective. The benefits are endless – from glowing skin to a stronger immune system, juicing can also be the boost a bride needs to start her next chapter in life on the healthy foot.

Find out more about  cleansing benefits and the ins and outs with Lizzy Jays Juice, as well as what to expect before, during and after you cleanse in our blog “What to Expect When You Cleanse.”

Introducing the New LizzyJays Juice Subscription Service

For those of you that desire a convenient delivery of juice (that you don’t have to think about), you can simply sign up for a  monthly subscription to get juice regularly delivered to your home or office every week throughout the month. How does it work? Simply choose what juice subscription option will suit your needs best and then sit back and enjoy the ease of a regular delivery without having to remember to ever order again.

Once you choose a subscription options, pick out your juices or cleanse that you’ll receive straight to your door every Friday. We are flexible and can customize your subscription, so if you need to change options, just ask! Please email us at info@lizzyjaysjuice.com for more information.

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