Thanksgiving…and Receiving! By Chara Rodriguera

On this week of Thanksgiving, we want to express our gratitude for you and your continued support. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to cultivate health and wellbeing together!

We also want to acknowledge all you do and all the ways you give of yourself.  For most of us…giving is natural. Giving is a way of life.  Sharing our time, resources, energy and expertise in order to help others and the world is amazing. However, sometimes we forget that RECEIVING is just as important.  We’ve all heard the analogy that on an airplane you have to put on yur own oxygen mask first in order to help those around you.  However, in the past, I had the tendency to give and give and give until I was on empty.  Then I would find myself exhausted and at times, even resentful.  Through the practices of Yoga, Mindfulness and Self Care…I learned to balance my love of giving with a new found love of receiving.

If you consistently find yourself tired and overwhelmed, chances are you’re ready for some receiving too!  Receiving means to say YES to things that support and nourish you.  Receiving means to say YES to things that feed your body, mind and spirit and bring you joy.  It also means to say NO or limit those things that drain you.

The first step in balancing your ability to give with your ability to receive is to understand that you are worthy and deserving of blessings.  You are worthy and deserving of health, love, care, respect, peace and happiness.  Receiving blessings starts with your willingness to say YES to YOU. During Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season, make a commitment to balance the joy of giving with the joy of receiving.

If you’d like to receive our delicious, nutrient packed LizzyJays fresh pressed juice to support your wellbeing…give us a call at 973-532-2707 or email us at

With Gratitude,


Chara Rodriguera, Co-facilitator of LizzyJays Retreats, Creator of SolPath Yoga and the Optimal & Dream Life Programs, Author of YOU ARE…12 Empowering Messages that Celebrate You! For more inspiration by Chara, visit and follow her on Facebook and Twitter at

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