3 Fun Tips to Stay on track at Holiday Parties! by Chara Rodriguera

We’ve all done it…gone to a holiday party with the best intentions…and left feeling guilty for over-indulging! Holiday parties can be so fun and festive that even with the best intentions, we end up eating and drinking too much. Then comes the guilt along with the extra pounds.

Well…here are three fun tips for being more mindful while enjoying your holiday festivities!

  1. Brush your teeth right before you leave your home and rinse with mouthwash. When you have clean teeth and fresh breath, you are less likely to mindlessly pile all kinds of crazy food and drinks in your mouth.
  1. Wear your favorite lipstick/lip gloss and even lip liner. Who wants to mess up fresh breath and perfectly applied lip stick by shoving lots of messy food in her mouth!!!??? This also causes you to cut your food into smaller pieces so that you eat slower. (sorry gentlemen…not sure what the equivalent of lip stick is for you?)
  1. Wear something form fitting through the middle. When you wear something sleek, you are more likely to stand tall and firm your core. This brings more awareness to what you are consuming because you can feel when your tummy starts to expand.


  1. Eat or drink something healthy right before you leave your home. Once you consume something healthy, you are less likely to consume something unhealthy. For example, if you eat a nourishing salad packed with nutrition, you aren’t going to immediately want to eat a giant piece of chocolate cake. The two just don’t go together! Some great choices are a smoothie, half an avocado, an apple and almond butter or any of our delicious Lizzy Jays juices!

Most important is to be gentle and loving to YOU! Set the intention to enjoy the season AND be good to you! Be compassionate and forgiving because there’s nothing to get right. This is a time of celebration. So celebrate what is a yes for you!

Give us a call at: (973) 532-2707 or email us at: info@lizzyjaysjuice.com.

We’d love to support your holiday dreams coming true!

With Love,


Chara Rodriguera, Co-facilitator of LizzyJays Retreats, Creator of Sol Path Yoga and the Optimal & Dream Life Programs, Author of YOU ARE…12 Empowering Messages that Celebrate You! For more inspiration by Chara, visit chara.tv and follow her on Facebook and Twitter at Chara.tv

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