Your Juicy New Year!

Welcome to the 2017 version of YOU!

We believe this is YOUR YEAR…and the HEALTHIEST, JUICIEST YOU yet!

At Lizzy Jays, we don’t focus much on fixing, forcing, striving or dieting.

Our intention is to say YES to things that are nourishing and supportive for our wellbeing on all levels. Our definition of living a JUICY LIFE is to live the most authentic, fun, passionate and purposeful life imaginable.

So whatever your new year’s ritual entails…we hope it includes saying YES to YOU and all the things that make your life deliciously juicy!

Some things that I’m focusing on to support my health and happiness this year are:

  1. My morning workout with my Lizzy Jays Pure Greens.
  2. Keeping my home organized so I can think more clearly.
  3. Carving out time to write.
  4. And oh yeah…allowing myself to be more silly! J

How about you?

What favorite foods and activities nourish your body and soul?

What daily rituals help you feel centered and supported?

Is there a new mantra or affirmation you can put up on your mirror and read each day?

Is there a book you’re been wanting to read or a class you’ve been wanting to take?

Make a list of all the things that feel like a YES for YOU in 2017.

What’s one positive step toward a YES that you’re willing to commit to this week?

We’d love to help make 2017 YOUR JUICIEST YEAR YET!

Give us a call at: (973) 532-2707 or email us at: and we’ll assist you in creating the perfect cleanse or combination of our ultimate health and beauty juices to add to your diet.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and juicy new year!

With Love,

Chara and the team at Lizzy Jays Juice

Chara Rodriguera, Co-facilitator of LizzyJays Retreats, Creator of Sol Path Yoga and the Optimal & Dream Life Programs, Author of YOU ARE…12 Empowering Messages that Celebrate You! For more inspiration by Chara, visit and follow her on Facebook at

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