Top 4 Daily Tips that will change your life forever! by Founder of LizzyJays

Casey Sabol, Founder of LizzyJays with her two kids, Lizzy and JT.

When I started my career as a Personal Trainer, I was CRAZY passionate about giving my clients REAL “tools” that would support optimal health AND happiness, not just for their short term goals, but for a lifetime! Now, almost 30 years later and even MORE passionate, I’m sharing my TOP 4 tips that helped my clients who “got it”; change their lives forever. Some of them are the reasons I started LizzyJays Juice!

#1. Skip a meal…drink a Green Juice!

I can’t emphasize this one enough for several reasons. “Live” nutrients DAILY is critical to your health. Replacing a meal that has little or zero nutritional benefits with a fresh Green Juice will improve your energy and lift your mood! It generates more “fire” in the body than fake fixes like coffee or energy drinks. Your body is made up of billions of “live” cells yet a typical diet consists of processed and/or overcooked foods providing no support. And we wonder why we are often tired and unmotivated. Help your body out instead of making it work so hard by fueling it with more raw, fresh, live fruits and vegetables.  A green juice is a great on-the-go solution.

#2. Own those “excuses” that block you. 

Choose an action step to break the cycle of making excuses for why you don’t try harder for yourself.  Give yourself 30 minutes a day to move your body in some way! If you can’t give yourself that; then spend 30 minutes a day helping someone else do it so YOU get it done!  There should NEVER be an excuse for allowing 24 hours go by each day and not spend just 30 minutes of them walking, running, doing yoga, playing tennis, riding a bike, lifting weights; or anything you ENJOY! Make it a YES in your life. NO MORE EXCUSES!

#3. Don’t treat your stomach like a Garbage Can! You don’t have to “finish your plate”.

Your actual stomach organ is the size of your fist and yet we often try to eat meals the size of a large plate and then some. Understand that the stomach organ can only handle so much.  There is nothing “healthy” about finishing your entire plate.  When food can’t be digested and moved out of the body, it stays there and ferments and goes back into the bloodstream creating havoc. Be mindful of the portion, forget what you’ve been programmed about “finishing your plate”.  Honor what your body needs in a meal. Slow down and be more mindful. Show love to this body that carries you around in this world.

#4. Cleanse Once a Month as a reminder that Food doesn’t control you, You control Food. 

A Cleanse can be a great way monthly to reel things in and get your nutrition lifestyle under control. This is what I love about doing a 1,2 or 3 Day Juice Reset. You are more disciplined than you think.  Taking the time monthly or seasonally to Cleanse is empowering and makes you feel happy, lighter, energized and better than ever!

At LizzyJays, my team and I are here to help guide, motivate and support you in achieving optimal health AND happiness! Call or email us anytime!


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