Let Go and Reframe. By Chara Rodriguera

The holiday season seems like ages ago. However, I have a daily reminder of all the fun I had because…

my pants are still a little bit snug!

Even with the best intentions and being mindful with my choices, I see and feel some extra winter weight. Can you relate?

While I initially wanted to go into self-criticism mode…I am making the choice to FORGIVE myself and LET GO of any negative self-talk.

In addition, I’m taking it one step further. I am REFRAMING my thoughts! To reframe your thoughts means making a conscious choice to align your thinking with a more supportive and bigger, better truth.

Instead of thinking, “UG…I blew it!”

I’m choosing to think, “I LOVED making cookies with my boys and that cookie dough was SOOOOOO GOOD!” I absolutely LOVED sharing great food and wine with my friends and family! It was such a special time of delicious celebration!”

Instead of thinking, “Now I have to punish myself with a strict diet and work my butt off at the gym for the next 3 months before bathing suit season!”

I’m choosing to think, “I’m ready to get back on track with my favorite forms of exercise and nourishing my body with healthy foods and drinks.”

 Instead of looking at ourselves through the lens of condemnation…we can choose to look through the lens of FORGIVENESS and LOVE! And as we all know…everything thrives better in the energy of love!

When you make a commitment to REFRAME any negative self-talk to SOMETHING SUPPORTIVE…you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the process of moving toward your goals and creating true wellbeing.

We’d love to help support your well-being with our nourishing fresh pressed health and beauty elixirs. Give us a call at: (973) 532-2707 or email us at: info@lizzyjaysjuice.com.

With Love,

Chara and the Lizzy Jays team

Chara Rodriguera, Co-facilitator of LizzyJays Retreats, Creator of Sol Path Yoga and the Optimal & Dream Life Programs, Author of YOU ARE…12 Empowering Messaages that Celebrate YOU! For more inspiration by Chara, visit chara.tv and follow her on Facebook.

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