Blended VS. Cold Pressed

Juicing vs Blending

A very common question that we get asked all the time is:

“What’s the difference between juicing and blending?”

Since most of us aren’t eating enough produce on our own and find it hard to plan for healthy snacks, this can be a roadblock for some. For those newer to health scene, it can be overwhelming. But it’s important to note that smoothies and fresh pressed juice are indeed very different, so let’s get to the juicy details on juicing vs blending.

Does one provide more health benefits than the other one?

With blending, you consume the whole food, including fiber. This large amount of fiber can be hard to assimilate and often ferments in the intestine. In a Cold Pressed juice your body doesn’t have to work to digest the fiber and can easily pull the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients quickly into your bloodstream. Plus, giving your digestive system a break means your body can focus on resting and repairing your hard-working cells.

Juicing vs Blending: What You Need to Know

Cold-pressed juice is exactly that; COLD-pressed. The process uses a pressing method that keeps the nutrients and enzymes intact. It is the best way to extract the most vitamins and minerals from fresh, raw produce and restore the body at a cellular level.

On the other hand, the blending and grinding process heats up the produce which can be damaging to those valuable nutrients. In addition during blending, air can get trapped in the liquid which can cause gas in some individuals.

Daily Recommendation of 9 Servings of Vegetables and Fruits

When you look at the SAD (Standard American Diet), most individuals’ don’t even get their recommended daily serving of vegetables and fruits. In fact, only 1 in 10 Americans meet this recommendation. Instead of stressing about which method is the “right” method, be proud that either way, you’re doing your body a favor by getting a wide variety of produce that would otherwise be difficult to eat.

New to Juicing?

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