Ask the Founder. Casey Sabol

Q Is there any benefit from doing a Cleanse once a week or every other week? Is it even necessary to Cleanse that often?

A. YES, there are sooo many benefits from a day of fresh, raw Juice! Any time you can feed your “living” body “live” nutrients it’s beneficial. I think the word “Cleansing” is often associated with feeling deprived or with being in the bathroom all day. That’s not the case at all! A mini Cleanse is simply a time to flood the body with ALKALIZING (high pH) fresh nutrients. Why does that matter? Well, think of it like a magnet that goes into your body and attracts its opposite…ACIDIC buildup! This buildup happens to all of us as we age. It can cause inflammation, fatigue and even disease. So whether you do a full day of Juice only OR you treat your body to 1 Green Juice a day; you are supporting, hydrating and elevating your organ function. All making you look and FEEL amazing!

In today’s world, we tend to CHALLENGE the body with processed foods, empty calories, alcohol, stress, coffee, medications and low intake of water; making all of the organs work harder than they have to. For some reason, we don’t question the damage those choices have on our body but we tend to question the benefits of raw, natural, live nutrients.

I encourage you to think of a Cleanse as an opportunity to reset your digestion, fuel your cells, hydrate your body and organs, raise your pH, lower yeast and rev up your metabolism! It’s an empowering reminder of how the body can feel when you show it more love and support. And you’re worth it!!

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