Ask the President. Mark O’Donnell

Before I became the President of LizzyJays Juice, I was one of the biggest customers. I was introduced to these amazing juices by my wife, Kristen. Not too long after, I was fortunate enough to meet the Founder, Casey Sabol, who taught me about all the unique benefits of Fresh Pressed Juice. At the time, I was suffering from chronic pain due to various injuries.

I began drinking the Juice and noticed a reduction of inflammation throughout my body, thus reducing my levels of pain. Because of the benefits of Green Juice, I ended a long journey of pain medications, epidurals and doctor’s appointments. I am now back to running, yoga and meditation. In the process, I lost 25 pounds and dropped from a size 34 waist to a 31. I have more energy now than I had at age 22.

I’m now so passionate about helping others to understand that you can only live life to its fullest when you are in optimal health. LizzyJays Juice became my simple solution in a bottle – and it was delivered right to my doorstep! I am proof that this juice heals the body and can help anyone who is willing to take the first step towards better health with a Green Juice a day.

If you have a question about Cleansing or Juicing that you would like answered, send us an email at

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