Juice for Dinner! by Chara Rodriguera

Juice for Dinner?


Every now and then, I LOVE to have a Lizzy Jays Juice for dinner.

Sometimes, I feel heavy from too much indulging or not enough activity. When this happens, I make sure to have my hot water and lemon first thing in the morning to hydrate and cleanse my system. Then I get back on track by eating and drinking things that are nourishing throughout the day.

I usually notice (if I’m truly being present) that by the end of the day, I’m not hungry. I may feel like eating for the sake of eating, but I’m not really hungry. So, instead of adding another big meal on top of my already full system, I have a Lizzy Jays Juice for dinner! This is awesome because:

  1. It’s nourishing and packed with nutrients.
  2. It’s filling enough to satisfy my desire to eat.
  3. I sleep better because it’s easy and quick to digest.
  4. I wake up feeling so much lighter and brighter!

The next time you feel heavy and sluggish, I recommend drinking a Lizzy Jays Juice for dinner. I guarantee you will wake up feeling lighter and brighter too!

Give us a call at 973.532.2707 or check out our website: www.Lizzyjaysjuice.com. We’d love to help you look and feel your best!

With Love,

Chara and The Team at Lizzy Jays Juice


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