Your Body on Plants.

If food is medicine, there’s nothing more potent than plant-based eating. Research suggests that the optimal lifestyle for preventing disease is a diet big on plants and low in animal protein, refined carbohydrates and harmful fats.

Juicing is an easy and effective way to incorporate more plants in your daily diet. Plants are packed with phytonutrients that help prevent disease and infection, and improve general wellness. Specifically, there are plenty of known benefits of eating phytonutrients. Some of the main benefits include:

1. Antioxidant: They can act as an antioxidant, ridding our bodies of damaging free radicals. If left to roam in the body, free radicals can cause damage to cells, proteins, and even your DNA.

2. Antibiotic: Phytonutrients are known to boost your immune system to help prevent bacterial infections.

3. Cancer preventative: Some of the phytonutrients studied, specifically in broccoli and tomatoes, may have cancer preventative properties.

4. Anti-inflammatory: Many are known to have properties to reduce inflammation, benefiting anyone with an inflammatory condition.

5. Immune support: Phytonutrients have qualities to support your immune function, which will help prevent disease and help you heal quicker. Immune function decreases naturally as we grow older, and eating a diet full of phytonutrients may slow that process down.

6. Tissue support and protection: They are known to strengthen tissue and speed healing.

Consuming more fresh, live nutrients daily is one of the most powerful gifts you can give to your body! A Juice a Day is an easy and delicious way to get your recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

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