Why Adding can be more effective than Eliminating. Chara Rodriguera

Why are there so many dieting books?

Why are there so many people trying to loose weight?

Why do so many people feel deprived when they are attempting to be healthy?

Perhaps there are many reasons, but we at Lizzy Jays Juice believe one important reason is because we are attempting to create health and maintain weight with backwards logic. It’s understandable why people recommend eliminating certain foods and drinks when you want to slim down and get healthy. However, removing foods and drinks, especially ones you love, creates a feeling of deprivation. It can also cause you to feel angry, anxious and even sad. It’s not that removing unhealthy foods isn’t a good idea. (If you have an allergy or condition, then it may be necessary) It’s that we believe there is a better, more natural way to achieve your goals.

Instead of removing foods and drinks that are unhealthy. We suggest adding foods and drinks that are nourishing, delicious, satisfying and full of nutrients. Adding nourishing foods and drinks has many benefits:

  1. You feel nourished and full instead of deprived, therefore you feel more happy and motivated to stay on track.
  2. Creating balance is more sustainable than an extreme “all or nothing” attitude.
  3. By adding nutrient dense food and drinks, you will naturally ease your body into craving more healthy choices and less unhealthy ones.

If you eat a sumptuously delicious and nourishing meal made of high quality whole foods, it’s less likely you will feel like eating processed chips or cookies. By adding wholesome, healthy nourishing foods and drinks into your diet, you will naturally upgrade your system and raise your energetic vibration. Our equation for success is quite simple: the better you eat and drink…the better you will want to eat and drink. As you increase your good choices, you will easily and naturally move away from the harmful choices without feeling deprived. If you do feel like indulging once in a while, you can do so with a feeling of enjoyment instead of guilt because you know you will be making many good choices to balance it out!


Drinking Lizzy Jays Juices is an easy way to ADD SOMETHING GOOD! Our delicious juices are fresh pressed and made with the best nutrient dense fruits and veggies to keep you looking and feeling amazing and making great choices!!!

Give us a call 973.532.2707 or visit us at: www.Lizzyjaysjuice.com. We’d love to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

With Love,

Chara and The Team at Lizzy Jays Juice

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