Ask the Founder. How often can I do a Juice Cleanse?

How often can I do a Juice Cleanse?

It’s a very common question we get here at LizzyJays and whether you want to lose weight, overcome a health issue, increase your energy level, reduce inflammation, or give your organs a little more support; a Juice Cleanse is a powerful and HEALTHY place to start. Consider for a moment how much we ask our liver to do on a daily basis. It’s in charge of metabolizing everything we consume like food, beverages, supplements and medications. When we overload the body with chemically processed foods, alcohol, cooked proteins, cooked fats, starches, sugars, etc., we are asking it to work even harder.

Think of it as spending an entire day working without taking a single break for a meal or a walk or even a breath of fresh air. Continue with this lifestyle for 50 years. How do you think you would feel? Most certainly… tired, taxed and ready to quit! So why do we ask our body to work so hard instead of honoring it with more supportive choices? Because we are told that the body can “handle it” and that our organs are equipped for this overload. Really? Even if that is the case, WHY would you want to make things MORE difficult instead of MORE supportive? Just a little “juice for thought”.

Consuming Fresh Raw Juices for 1-5 days consecutively can have a powerfully healing and restorative effect on the body and it’s organs. A longer Cleanse (3-5 days) can be done as often as once a month and a Mini 1 Day Cleanse can be done once a week. If you take the time to Cleanse intelligently, you can turn around many health conditions. Working WITH your body and not AGAINST it, will empower you to live a happier and healthier life. At LizzyJays, we are always here to guide and support your needs. Email or call and we can help customize a program or Cleanse that works best for you.

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